Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just when you need it..

God sends you a message to help you stay strong and to not give up..
I was reading something tonight and I was so inspired by the message about a guy leaving his very good job to follow what he feels like God wants him to do. And someone had left this.. which I NEEDED TO READ!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting to make so many changes and I've been feeling like God would have never put them in my heart so strong had He not wanted me to follow them. But, my pocket book doesn't allow me to get the things I need to go forward so I have been feeling like I'm not getting anywhere. And sometimes feeling like giving up.. This little message confirms to me, to stick with what you feel like God has put on your heart..
Listen to Him..

Christ doesn't call the equipped to do his work, he will equip the called. We must first answer his call.. <3

So... Don't give up!! Always.. Always follow your heart.. God put those desires of your heart there for a reason.

Daisy Girl <3

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