Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday!!!

Today is Tutorial Tuesday with Daisy Girl. Today we will learn to make this cute tea light candle.. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at daisygirl_designs@yahoo.com

This can be dangerous!! So please make sure there is an adult around, and you don't leave it unattended. Use caution and you are doing this at your own risk. I will not be help accountable for any accidents or injuries that could occur. Do not leave the pots on the stove, stay and supervise until flames are off!! DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING ON THE STOVE!!
You will be dealing with fire and hot wax. USE CAUTION!


Ok, let's get started.. Here are the supplies you will need.. I purchased all my items at the dollar store. I bought the little pots strictly for my candle making that why I don't mess up any of my pots.

In the supplies list we have tea lights, glass mug, tapered candles, cinnamon, wooden spoon, and two pots. If you want this to not only look like a hot cup of chocolate or a mocha, and want it to smell like one too. You will have to purchase scented tea lights.
Oh, and this can be VERY messy!! lol.
Step 1.
Melt the tapered candles in one pot, you can use paraffin wax instead but it's hard to find and more expensive. Cook it on low. It'll take a little time to completely melt.

Just remove wicks when it completely melted and take off  fire and set aside let sit. Go back and stir it around while it's sitting so it doesn't harden back up to the pot.

Step 2.
Melt tapered candles in the second pot on low, and add cinnamon. It's up to you how much, just don't add too much. It's all for the color only.
Keep stirring cause the cinnamon wants to go to the bottom and it'll burn if you don't stir.

Step 3.
 Let sit and cool some. (while stirring the clear wax a little as it cools)

Step 4.
 Stir cinnamon mixture cause cinnamon will be at the bottom
then pour the cinnamon mixture into your glass mug.

Step 5.
Let it sit until it's hardened. It may sink in the middle but that's ok, cause it won't show.
Also if you notice the bottom getting darker, it's cause the cinnamon is at the bottom, sometimes I use the handle of the wooden spoon and gentle mix around without making the outside edges look bad.

Step 6.
While stirring the clear mixture as it cooled it should have ended up looking like this.
Continue to stir it around and make it as fluffy or bumpy as you can.
Step 7.
Add the clear bumpy wax on top of the cinnamon mixture,
mold it however fluffy or big you want it to be.

Step 8.
Mold a little spot for the tea light candle to fit.

Step 9.
Add tea light candle in the spot you made for it.
Sprinkle with cinnamon &

Hope you enjoyed learning how to make the candle.. I will have more tutorials on here on Tutorial Tuesdays!!! Hope to see you back!!

Daisy Girl <3


  1. Good Melanie! This is really a great project and would make a wonderful gift. I love the tealight in the middle! Smart idea!!! :) Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. This is a great project for kids with adult supervision. GREAT Gift idea.......

  3. Thanks Guys!! Glad you liked it!! :)